At Ikaika, we prefer to talk about our safety culture rather than our safety program. A safety program implies a set of rules that people are required to follow, often reluctantly. A safety culture implies that safety is a way of life at Ikaika, and it absolutely is. It's how we think and how we approach our jobs every day, not because that's what is required, but because that's who we are.

Safety is a condition of employment at Ikaika. We've worked diligently to establish a culture of safety by making safety an integral part of everything we do. We've achieved excellent results and we'll keep doing everything in our power to ensure this culture and our safety performance persists.


Safety Performance

Ikaika has gone four years without a Lost Time Injury, which means that we send our people home safe to their families every night, ready to go to work the next day. In the morning, at our safety meetings, we assure that all members are "Fit for Duty", clear headed and prepared to start the day.