IKAIKA, which means "strength" in our native language, was established in 1998.  At the time, IKAIKA was a masonry business, and all good masons know that strength lies in the foundation.  If you have a strong foundation, you can build anything on it.  This holds true not just for bricks-and-mortar buildings, but for all things in life; so IKAIKA was built on the foundation of hard work and customer satisfaction.


With a "no job too large, no job too small" mentality and a focus on customer service, IKAIKA quickly developed a reputation as solid as the foundations it worked so diligently to lay.  Known for quality workmanship, safety, and dependability, what began as a small start-up masonry business quickly grew.  Services like underground trenching, exposing underground cables, installing pull boxes/conduit, and asphalt/concrete patching were added to meet growing customer needs, and IKAIKA became a leading provider of 24-hour assist services for Hawaiian utility companies.


In 2009, IKAIKA was acquired by Osmose Utilities Services, Inc., a leading national provider of inspection, maintenance, and rehabilitation services for telecom and electric utility infrastructure.  Combining the resources and support of a tenured company like Osmose with the knowledge and experience of IKAIKA's local workforce, uniquely positioned IKAIKA to tackle the most challenging and demanding of projects.  Although fond of its humble beginnings, IKAIKA is proud to now offer:


  • Large warehouse and yard at Kapaa Quarry
  • Vehicle fleet including Digger Derricks, backhoes, tandem dump trucks, and flatbeds
  • Highly-skilled, local workforce
  • Electrical, civil, and mechanical engineers

Quality People, Quality Work
At IKAIKA, the quality of our work is a direct reflection of the quality of our people! Each IKAIKA employee is a resident of Hawaii, invested and involved in the local community.  Learn more about our employees on the IKAIKA Ohana page.